21 April 2017

i wore a satin slip dress in the rain and you'll never guess what happened next: i was cold!!

Like clockwork, when it becomes April, my brain without fail gets the truly CANDID and UNIQUE idea to wear *light*flowy*dresses* at all times and in all things and in all places. This urge comes with a complete disregard for the fact that it's most likely still 30 degrees out and, if not fully snowing, definitely at least raining. Does this stop me? It does not. Because I have harbored a vision of myself running across a rain-drenched field in muddy linen since at least 2009 and I still prize it as one of The Most RomanticDreamy Things a gal could ever do. Wet bangs, numb legs, no matter; if the moment could be captured on film as the tru embodiment of Elizabeth Bennet running away from Darcy's First Proposal, then sign me the frick up.

I decided to venture onto the rainy New York streets with this exact vision in mind and as we ALL could have guessed I was freezing cold and spooked but I did not turn back to put on some pants because obviously these New Yorkers NEEDED the vision of my pale af legs peeking thru the slits of my black af dress like they need more subway rats and gutter sludge. I did put on short boots like *these shall protect me from mother nature's unforgiving grasp.* Surprise they did not!!

Here's some pics I like to reference when gaslighting myself into wearing dresses you can catch pneumonia in for the sake of ~~*~Romance~*~~ AND be sure to stay tuned for more installments of my worst ideas including: Rosie Has Higher Expectations for What Shoes Her Bunions Can Handle Than Her Bunions Can Actually Handle, and, How to Further Herniate Your Herniated Disc: Workout Videos Edition

24 March 2017

✨ chloe ✨

Coming out of my styling exile was 110% worth it cuz this shoot with my cousin Chlo and all-around angel Evelyn has me shook for so many reasons but mostly because everything looks so serene and somehow they didn't even mutinize when I had the Candid Idea to make Chloe shove her freezing feet into tiny shoes and then shoot in an arctic wind tunnel. Good job guys! But really ily. Vid by me with Luna Park tunes c/o baby brudder cuz siblings who slay together stay together, as they say.

28 February 2017

iso: a new best friend i mean boots, new best boots.

Look at these lil bbs, they've been with me since 2013 and, having been worn almost every single day since I acquired them, have only needed one re-heeling to get to where they are today which is New York with a decisive hole in their beautiful teeny sole. Not to mention the leather is beginning to ere on the side of saggy and a lil bit sad. So. New boots.

I'm sick as frick of chelseas, thought for a minute that sock boots would be my next big thing but they turned out to be everyone's next big thing and I'm Over It so maybe it's back to chelseas anyway? Anyway. Let's give this a study, lemme kno what you think.

but tbh also if you live in the greater nyc area and want to be gal pals hmu, you kno?

23 February 2017

Day 1

It's day one in the city and it's strange to be back. Turns out New York is louder than Utah, and I'm sleepier here than ever before. I vacillate between peace and excitement and fear and doubt. Unemployment is both a joy and a nightmare. I can do whatever I want all day long! But what I actually do is worry and worry and apply to jobs and write emails and edit resumes and also did I mention worry. Excited to become something more than I am now. Scared that I'm feeding into a culture and society that needs to be overturned (Thanks, Jessa!). It's familiar and foreign all at once. I'm worried about what to wear. But excited all the same! Sitting between committed and uncommitted is an odd place to be, but we're gonna give it a go and be so amazingly grateful for two beautiful grandparents who will let me sleep in their living room until I find my feet. I suppose this is what living life is; pulling yourself together, excited and scared, excited and scared, excited and scared, and so on and so forth.