21 June 2013

get to know me

photo by Morgaine Owens

As I was sitting around wondering what in the heavens I should write about for post number two on this here blog, I remembered that my about page is pretty sparce (I like it, though) and thought maybe I ought to write more about myself in a post. And thus went the train of thought that led us here.

It's always slightly uncomfortable talking about oneself. I mean, it's easy to talk about your own opinions and ideas and what not but actually talking about you the human being as the subject is, you know, slightly uncomfortable. So where do I begin? Some basics perhaps:

  • My name is Rosie Jarman!
  • I'm based out of Utah, rooty-toot toot.
  • That picture up there is a picture of me!
  • Contrary to the photo, I don't actually need glasses, do you feel betrayed!?
  • As you can see, I have red hair and it is pretty rad. I will have you know that as a ginger, I very much dislike the term ginger. It feels ever so slightly derogatory and it's always best to stay away from such connotations, is it not?
  • I'm tall, I have three brothers who are also tall, and I have no sisters at all. LOLZ.
  • I think it's funny to use words like LOLZ and YOLO but I don't think people always get that it's funny and that I'm actually pretty much morally opposed to such abbreviations. Which is why it's funny!
  • What else... ah yes. I'm in college. College is pretty slick. (Slick means cool). And just to put it out there, high school was a total bomb in the life of Rosie so if you are in high school right now and are having a crappy time, I totally get you and we can be friends. Besides that, I don't have a declared major but if I were to fulfill my hearts desire I would be an art history major. I. Love. Art. History. This will not be a surprise to you, as this blog progresses.
  • Let's see... I also love fashion. Actually no, not fashion. I love style. Fashion is on and off for me, but style, yes, always. Style and fashion and whatever you want to call it really does feel like an innate part of my life. I remember being in maybe first or second grade and just loving this video. Oh wait. I still love that video. (actually I included this entire bullet point just to include that video).
  • Just to clarify, I have never used the word rad so much until I started writing for this blog. I'll try to contain myself in the future.

As of now, I can't think of anything else you might want to know about me, but if a question strikes you that you would like answered by me and/or about me, ask! I have an email address and a comments box that are expressly for such a purpose.

Oh you readers. I don't think you really understand how happy I am about Rosie Loves Rococo. It feels so right. We are going to have so much fun together and I just can't wait. And I think now that we have post two, the journey has officially begun! WAHOO!


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