20 June 2013

post number one

hi hello hey!
I'm so so excited to be starting this new blog and wanted this little post to clarify the move, etc. Everything is Rosie is now Rosie Loves Rococo! This does include a new url, but you'll be redirected, so no worries there! Also, I'm working on transferring most of my archives over here, though not all - this is supposed to be a fresh start after all! At Rosie Loves Rococo you'll find the same old Rosie blogging just as before, just in a new outfit and a little more streamlined and a little more Rosie and a lot more rococo art! Which is totally rad, btw! I'm excited, you're excited, we're all excited. So let's wrap this up and get going!

actually, start by liking us on facebook!
 a very good place to start! 


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