27 June 2013

the king's wall

Besides being an absolutely lovely movie anyways, The King's Speech tops my list of favorites for one reason in particular: this killer wall (and the room it's housed in). I tell you, there is nothing more satisfying than a perfectly aged wall, and though I'm not sure if this one is authentic or movie magic, I hardly even care. Throw on top of that a gorgeous couch and those absolutely stunning windows in the ceiling and I'm basically in room heaven.

If you haven't ever seen The King's Speech, you really ought to. It's darling and inspiring and what not, and the cinematography is so captivating and perfect. (In my opinion it should never ever have been rated R for any reason at all ever). And I may or may not have watched it one night before a big school presentation to get myself pumped up for public speaking. It totally worked.

And before you go, there's a bonus! 
perfection in a wallpaper, after the jump...



  1. In response to wondering if it's movie magic or authentic, I'm pretty sure it's authentic. I was told by a friend that they actually chose that room/building solely because they fell in love with the wall. You're not the only one.

  2. @Anna Elizabeth - that makes it 1000000x better!


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