03 July 2013

best hand-me-down ever

Once upon a time I pinned a picture of Naomi wearing this dress (I can't find the pin now but I'll keep looking.) My train of thought went like this: "Aw I've always loved that dress. They don't sell it anymore. My aunt has that dress. It looks good on her. Lucky. Pin!" Little did I know, my aunt then saw that pin and as I just so happened to be in the market for this dress, she just so happened to be in the market for giving away this dress!

And that is the story of how me and this dress were united despite impossible circumstances! I know it's dramatic, but it's stories like these that make me believe, some clothes you're just meant to have.

(also, shout out to my auntie amy! best aunt ever!)


  1. I found you through a random anthropologie post on instagram (I think?). Anyway, I quite in love with your style, and agree, that is definitely the best hand-me-down ever!

    La Quaintrelle


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