31 July 2013

the never ending hair-do complex

Despite my greatest efforts to avoid being one of "those girls" that my mother warned me about, it is entirely out of my power do to anything but constantly wish to change my hair. Like, on the daily.Luckily, I'm quite satisfied with my natural color (virgin hair, hollaback!) which leaves me only to be endlessly disappointed in my cut and styling. Not to mention the tug-of-war that is my taste in hair-do's. I love a deep side part as much as I love super blunt baby bangs. I die for a face-framing bob, but long for giant fluffy retro waves. These things are just not good combos (okay maybe the latter pair actually can work), but still I find it entirely impossible to figure out exactly what I want. Currently I'm loving messy blunt bangs like Miss Amanda Peet and some slightly-tousled yet defined curls like Miss Alexia Niedzielski. Oh what is a girl to do?

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