22 July 2013

tumblr vs pinterest

Ah yes! The great tumblr vs pinterest debate! Actually, I don't know if it's that great of a debate but I'd love to know what you think anyhow. I feel like the two have so many similarities that it's silly to have both - and to be so addicted to both... what who said that? Yet I just can't give one or the other up. 

Tumblr seems much more artsy and I don't post things as often, though I hoard just as many likes. I try to keep it all color-coded because I'm fancy and aesthetically opposed to clashing colors (at least when it comes to my tumblr) and therefore it takes so much more time.

As for Pinterest, I pin something every single day, rack up just as many likes, yet somehow feel slightly less inspired by what I see on my feed... The boards are nice when you're looking to search through 12,000 archived images yet I could do essentially the same thing with tags on Tumblr.

So tell me, what do you prefer, Tumblr or Pinterest? How do you use either to your advantage? Pros, cons? Let's settle this once and for all! And feel free to visit my tumblr or pinterest while you think it over.


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