23 July 2013

what i would wear if i were singing these songs

see this set on polyvore
If there is one thing I cannot do, it's sing. If there's one thing I wish with all my heart I could do, it's sing. So while I sit in the privacy of my own home tralala-ing along with the pretty tunes below, I like to put together the outfits I'd wear if I were the super rad lead singer of an all girl band. I don't know why it would be an all girl band but probably because of girl power and how we could all wear matching outfits. Obviously a Valentino dress would be involved as well as my favorite NARS lipstick (in Heatwave). I'd play a banjo/uke while I tapped around in some pretty loafers and lastly, a super sassy short hair-do. Actually, I'd just be Twiggy.


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