17 September 2013

school drool and other stuff

school has started back up and i am feeling torn up about the whole thing.
my dad says it's the forty credit hour blues.
i say, in a robot voice, that last semester maxed out my computation skills for next twelve months. like this, "third year in a row of - studying hamlet - cannot compute - beep beep boop" *robo arms* either way. i seriously have zero academic motivation right now.
which is bad news.

but! to make us all feel better, i've brought tidings of great joy in the form of pictures from my first and favorite issue of Lula feat. Kirsten Dunst.

annnnd to keep you tantalized and interested, i will tell you that i have some project-type storms brewing in my head which may or may not result in some new! fresh! exciting! things for your viewing pleasure in the coming months. stay tuned.



  1. I am starting tomorrow as well! What a bore the first week can be. I think if I could go to school in that blue coat! I would be tremendously happier.

    Stumbled across you from Pinterest, by the way. Judging by the amount. Of time I drooled over your boards, I clearly loved them!

  2. Sorry this is so late, but I just wanted to say thank you!


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