04 December 2013


image by jyrkki // text added by me

i'm not going to come here and start apologizing for not posting in a long time nor am i going to make any rash promises about posting in the future; i am only here because i don't want you to miss out on the chance to download for free my very most favorite christmas song of recent years.

it's called O Holy Night (a classic.) and it is by Mideau (a pretty slick up&coming band from my #homestate who i'm pretty sure are going to be super famous in no time so i'm just going to put it on paper now that i was at their first concert ever.)

listen to the song HERE

really though, this song makes me cry more often than not, for no reason i can identify other than that second verse just gets me. maybe it's their voices, maybe it's the words. maybe it's because they manage to be contemporary and soulful without crossing into cheesy christmas or tooo-alternative-not-that-festive christmas. you can really hear the words and the words are so sweet. hopeful. tender. and a little bit magical.

and while we're on the subject I also would like to direct you to the pretty little corner of youtube which is Il est né le Divin Enfant sung by the Salt Lake Children's Choir. first of all, their outfits with the big bows are too great. and secondly, the arrangement is just so lovely, even though that word is endlessly over used in the blogosphere, i think this song really deserves it. it's perfectly christmasy and perfectly lovely (and also french, so bonus!)

that's all i have for you today.
i hope it's been more uplifting than the other post i was going to write about all the great dresses kiera knightley has worn (although, that will probably still be published anyway. obviously.)
sometimes it's just too much, you know? the looking and the wanting and everything always having to be about the image.

tonight, i hope you'll just listen.


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