27 January 2015

kiera knightly: a+

There is no denying that our Miss Kiera Knightly is on fire in the style department these days. Those ladylike sleeves, necklines, and hems, super unusual silhouettes and textiles, coupled with metallic heels and hair that clearly just don't care. I even wished for a long wool coat a la Kiera for Christmas (and got it and love it and have no regretz, thanks momsanta) that's how much I want to be her these days. Of course, we mustn't forget to holla at our girl Leith Clark who is, unsurprisingly, the lady behind most good things in this world, including this phase of killer Knightly style. I urge you to peruse the latter portion of her style file if you, like me, are really needing some pretty things in your eyeballs today.

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