05 February 2015

baby baby baby (not real babies tho just bang babies)

I was feeling bummed and reeeeeelllleeeyyy tired today and so after a really long nap and a traumatizing experience with some expired milk I said to my roomie "I think I'll cut some baby bangs ridenow." Three seconds later my roomie did one blink and I had trimmed my bangs right up and you know what? I feel loads better! So there is a little tip for you if you want one; it's that if you aren't feeling like yourself it might be because you don't have the right haircut. Also cutting your bangs is a good way to distract yourself from the fact that you think you need to barf due to the fact that you almost poisoned yourself with your dinner cereal. Also I feel like I am now approx 60% cooler than I was earlier today. Exactly one snip of the scissors, friends, ONE is all it takes.

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