12 February 2015

survival week | part three, trying a little tenderness

Yesterday I was planning on this really great post called "wallowing wednesday" in which we would indulge ourselves and feel sad for a bit. But I got caught up in a crazy midterm and when that was over found myself so relieved that no wallowing could be done and instead I did the cherry-limeade routine and folded six million paper cranes because it is my best hobby these days and I laughed a lot. Kind of like that laughing you do when you're getting yelled at by your parents and you just find it SOFUNNY when it's definitely not.

Anyway. While I'm still on this "life is weird and I am ignoring my second midterm and am laughing about it" kick, I thought maybe we could spend Thursday not being bitter and instead write about some things that I still kind of like about life and love... like Duckie's dance in Pretty in Pink:

Duckie's dance restores my faith in the portion of humanity that is boys.

Also restoring my faith in boys is this song which is actually the most adorable song of the universe. It was written for this friend of mine by her friends in high school who loved her and were sad when she got a boyfriend and its clever and sweet and the cutest and I am in love with it.
And while we're talking about songs, this one also makes me feel gooooood and think maybe boys aren't the worst creatures on the planet.

Plus there are some boys I really love like mostly my brothers. I told my little brother about a sad thing in my life yesterday and he did the perfect response and I was like "if this little 17 year old baby freaker boy can make me laugh about a crappy thing then maybe there is hope in this world and I don't want to die inside anymore."

So there's that.
Tomorrow we'll resume with more feelings I think, but in the meantime try not to be the saddest being on the planet earth for one day of survival week, eh? I mean, why not.

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