10 February 2015

survival week | part two, two parties

When I am feeling down in the dumps my best coping mechanism is to just start doing A LOT of projects. It's why I've started blogging again lately, and also why I'm writing this post right now instead of studying for The Worst Midterm of All Time. For survival week, however, we're going to be channeling our creative energy into THROWING A PARTY YAY! Since I'm short on time (aforementioned midterm) and am also getting really self-conscious about the guy staring at me in the library as I type this and need to get out of here soon, I've composed a couple of inspiration boards for various party themes that you can steal because I am here for you and am nice like that.

The Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Valentines
Fun fact is that I'm actually throwing this party on Saturday! This theme is good for a girl-boy party for allll your single frennds. Obviously people have to dress up cool and sixties for this party and also you have to listen exclusively to Sgt Pepper on vinyl (which I don't own so might not be able to pull off) and also there has to be a lot of flowers and if you're into psychedelic drugs now would be a good time to incorporate those into party planning. (There will be no psychedelics at my party soz.)

Sadurday with the Girl Gang
At this party only girls is allowed, obviously, and it is a requirement that Man I Feel Like A Woman be played at least six times throughout the evening. Fun activities might include making crafts like zines and friendship bracelets, watching The Virgin Suicides, and talking about The Worst Boys In The World. Dress code: pom poms incorporated somewhere and glittered eyeshadow.

Okay team, go throw a party and report back as to its success. Peace.

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