09 June 2015

questions i can't answer but maybe you can

How do you remember who you are when there are so many people around you and when too many people seem to be increasingly invested in whether or not the things you do are cool enough (yourself being the #1 propagator of this issue)? I don't know the answer! I tried to do an exercise called "Go Through Pinterest and Pull Out Only The Things That You Find Completely Inspiring" and what I ended up with was this. I don't know what this means. There's stuff in there that feels like I'm trying too hard and there's stuff I passed up that I once identified as "TOTALLY ME" but now I don't. Am I in a transition moment as it is? Or have I been listening to too many outside voices lately? What is actually going on!? This is a post with no conclusion. This is a question post. And so it goes.

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