02 August 2015

burfdae thots: it was written in the stars

last year's party

Hello! Yes hooray! It is my birth month!
I will be 21 in mere weeks, thus ending the chapter of my life that involves yearning for adulthood age benchmarks. Soon I can legally do all the things other normal adult humans can do! Mostly going to concerts at age restricted venues!

I am anticipating a beautiful birthday. San Pellegrino, Parisian ham & cheese sandwiches and maybe a strawberry cake. A picnic in the mountains to watch the sun go down, fireworks at dusk. And while I hope the day is sparkly I think it will also be a good day to be very reverent about the things that happened in year 20.

20. What a perfect number. Even and substantial and still so young.

The age at which I tried to fix what hadn't been working. The age I learned about being brave. The age I started doing my best to tell the truth about everything. The beginning of living an honest life for the rest of my days. 20.

And by the way I love owning August. Leos have a bad reputation for being bossy and vain but I'm not sorry to be one. Leos are bossy and vain but we're also scared sometimes and careful and strong and we really try our best and you can't begrudge anyone of trying their best and leos really try.

I'm a Leo.
I'm 20.
I'm beginning my goodbyes.
I'm happy.

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