10 January 2016

*moon emoji*

i'm back.

no, i'm not.

but i'm here.

here again.

here again.



i want to write about life
and living
and how hard it is
even when
especially when
there isn't anything hard happening at all.

i want to write about feelings
and troubles (common) and joy (rare)

but blogging feels like you're saying you think you have something to offer this world in words

and i don't feel that way.
i feel like i'm here to take
and take and take and take
collecting existence
collecting sadness and beauty and a lot of things like the paper clips that are literally ALL OVER campus have you ever noticed how many paper clips are on the ground in this world? maybe you won't, maybe you can't because they're only there for me to notice. collect collect collect.

rosie jarman; collector, sufferer.

rosie jarman; here again.

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  1. Man, your heart is beautiful. I hope you find more joy.


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