14 February 2016

happy my half birthday !!

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It is that time of year again. It is my half birthday time of year again.
Its also valentines time of year again but who the eff even cares.
It just so happens that recently I've been thinking and talking a lot about learning to be comfortable with all the facets of living Girl Life. One of those facets is wearing underwear. Valentines is also an apropos time to be talking about this because its a lot of being-hot-for-boys vibes but when there's no boys around that you care about being hot for, you have only to worry about being hot for yourself. 

Pretty for yourself, rather. Which is why for my valentines times I am implementing a new tradition called Rosie Gets Herself Nice Underwear on February 14th.  I never admitted to caring about pretty underwear until pretty much last year when the internet began enlightening me to its design merits. Actually, too, I was definitely too self-conscious to ever admit that I wanted or cared about pretty unders until recently. But now I'm getting better about embracing Girl Life and plus when you buy your own underwear you can choose any of the underwears you even want! Woo!

The very best part, actually, about being single and young and blah blah blah is that NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO CARE ABOUT WHAT UNDERWEAR YOU'RE WEARING EXCEPT FOR YOU (and your roommate I guess, because if you frequently change in front of them you probably don't want to freak them out.) Which means there is absolute freedom and lack of shame in choosing anything you love, and that my friends, is a valentines lesson. Girl Life is amazing.

To celebrate all this, I've compiled four of my favorite lingerie brands, instagram tags included because they all run real ace accounts. Proceed:

Bodysuits, guys. Also the perfect bralette and really good high-waisters.

Not technically lingerie cuz it's swimwear. But truly perfect swimwear so here it is.

Simple cuts, simple colors, incredibly soft, organic cotton! Good stuff.

Great textile combos, great bralettes. Generally very cool.

Basically, it's good to be alive when your underpants reach your bellybutton. 
Happy Feb 14

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