28 February 2017

iso: a new best friend i mean boots, new best boots.

Look at these lil bbs, they've been with me since 2013 and, having been worn almost every single day since I acquired them, have only needed one re-heeling to get to where they are today which is New York with a decisive hole in their beautiful teeny sole. Not to mention the leather is beginning to ere on the side of saggy and a lil bit sad. So. New boots.

I'm sick as frick of chelseas, thought for a minute that sock boots would be my next big thing but they turned out to be everyone's next big thing and I'm Over It so maybe it's back to chelseas anyway? Anyway. Let's give this a study, lemme kno what you think.

but tbh also if you live in the greater nyc area and want to be gal pals hmu, you kno?

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  1. Lots of luck here in NYC! I always love reading your blog and I know you will be a big success.


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